Equity in Action and Outcomes – Utilizing exceptional facilitation skills, our team provides consulting for philanthropic organizations, government, and non-profits to develop strategies that foster a culture of belonging. We co-develop programs that embody respect, collaboration, and impactful systemic change for the communities with whom we have partnered.


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A Lifetime of Experience with Changing Systems and Impacting Lives

Christine Robinson is a seasoned leader and strategist for philanthropic foundations, government agencies, and initiatives. She is known for her work in vision articulation, systems change, team-building, positive leadership, the formation of collaborative ventures, policy and program development, design, and evaluation. She has also worked locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally in the launching of initiatives on the significant social justice issues of our time. Robinson’s areas of expertise include equity and belonging, poverty reduction, economic security, health disparities, human development, education disparities, children, youth, and families, and creating systemic antiracism.

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How I Can Help

Philanthropic Advising

Consulting for philanthropic organizations and individuals, evaluating charitable interests, prioritizing projects, and more.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting for educational, philanthropic, government, and non-profit organizations on equity, inclusion, social justice, and more.

Program Development

Create and implement programs for process and cultural change, social change, non-profit effectiveness, and more.



Keen Insight and Strategic Capabilities

Christine Robinson is a consummate professional. I have seen her facilitate meetings with multiple stakeholders with grace and aplomb and am impressed with her keen insight and strategic capabilities. I have successfully referred her services to other clients who have been pleased with her work. Two thumbs up.

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, Ph.D.

Executive| Board Member| Strategist| Author| Speaker

Beyond Compare

Christine provides excellent advice and services at the intersection of community and philanthropy. Her ability to strategically apply her passion, knowledge, and experience to engage communities to substantively address social issues is beyond compare. These attributes enhance key processes, and more importantly, results.

Carl Patten, JD, MPH

General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer at Lakeview Investment Group

Excellent at Managing the Process

Christine was used to facilitate brainstorming sessions and to gather information from key stakeholders. She did an excellent job of getting participants to give candid and useful ideas. She was excellent at managing the process and moving things to [the] next steps.

William E. Spriggs, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Economics at Howard University and Chief Economist, AFL-CIO

Dedicated, Thoughtful, Creative

I have had the opportunity to know and work with Christine Robinson for more than a decade and a half, ever since she spearheaded the development of what would become CAAB, and then through ADD, SEED, and her work to bring psychology and asset-building theory and practice together. She is dedicated, thoughtful, creative, and a straight shooter.

Robert Friedman, JD.

Author | Founder, Chair Emeritus and General Counsel at Prosperity Now

A Thoughtful, Thorough Practitioner Who Can Aptly Advise

Christine conducted research for us to support our thinking about our Community Building Curriculum, and we’ve stayed in touch over the years. She interviewed many people in the field and was able to gather candid reflections from people who knew our work and candid reactions from those who didn’t. She delivered an in-depth report with creative recommendations. She’s a thoughtful, thorough practitioner who can aptly advise her clients and peers.

Cynthia Silva Parker

Senior Associate at Interaction Institute for Social Change and Collaborative Social Change Agent

Extremely Insightful and Intelligent Expert

Christine is an extremely insightful [and] intelligent expert on the broad and complex causes of poverty in the US and the powerful routes out of poverty and into lives of economic security from childhood to adulthood. Few people have Christine’s deep understanding of the linkages from infant brain neuron development to asset development in adults. Christine is a great speaker, a great writer, a great organizer, a confident manager of groups, and a great strategic thinker.

Lisa Mensah

President & CEO at Opportunity Finance Network

A Skilled Facilitative Leader

I was initially impressed with Christine Robinson’s enthusiasm, diligence, and professional demeanor when she was selected to serve as Project Director for the Executives’ Alliance Postsecondary Success Project for men and boys of color supported by Lumina Foundation. Robinson worked seamlessly with foundation staff and leaders in each of the six cities. Moreover, . . . [she] nurtured collaborations within and between institutions in municipalities and regions, including government, nonprofits, and postsecondary collaboration. She brokered alliances between and among postsecondary institutions; building local networks of nonprofits, the public sector, data experts, and local advocacy efforts.

Robinson is a skilled facilitative leader, bringing a deep commitment to equity, inclusion, and listening. She skillfully facilitated [the] co-creation of many elements of systemic and policy change building upon the assets of communities who have traditionally been marginalized. She brings a strong research background and understanding of data, evaluation, and assessment and is skilled in balancing theory, research, and deep listening.

Robinson demonstrates strong interpersonal skills, the capacity to build synergy with foundations, local and state government, co-create with constituents, and engage systems and structures across race, ethnicity, (dis)ability, LGBTQ identities, language, incarceration, and numerous intersectional identities. I recommend her enthusiastically.

Susan D. Johnson, Ph.D.

Director, Organizational Development & Philanthropic Practice - Lumina Foundation

Focused, Deliberate, Creative, Funny

Christine is a joy to work with. She is at once focused, deliberate, creative, funny, and indefatigable when it comes to knowing the importance of solid research and evaluation to inform policy in ways that improve the lives of vulnerable people. It gives me great pleasure to recommend her.

Dr. Douglas E. Wood, Senior Fellow

Former Program Officer - Ford Foundation


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